Skyward is a series of Sploder games made by Goomylord.


Yeego Hate GamesEdit

A Sploder user named Yeego, who is actually Goomylord's arch-nemesis and younger sister, made several games where characters from existing video games kill Skyward characters, such as Ness from EarthBound and Krystal from Star Fox. Strangely, these games were made before the first canon Skyward game was released.

Skyward (game)Edit

This is the first canon game in the Skyward series. The game is about two boys named Matthew and Alex, who go exploring. However, they find a strange void and gets sucked in. A strange voice tells them that a villain named Negativ wants to take over their homeland, Reku. This game also has loads of cameos.

Sploder DeadlockedEdit

Matthew's second true appearance (or 9 billionth appearance in general if you count Yeego/Head's hate games) is in this fighter created by Mangamixer. He appears on the ship stage, where he is fighting against Link, Pikachu, and Zack.

Skyward RevelationsEdit

A few months after Matthew and Alex have stopped Negativ, the voice comes and tells them that he has struck back. Joined by a boy named Leo, Matthew and Alex seek the 7 Elemental Crystals to open the gate to Negativ's sky palace and stop him once again. Matthew and co. get to his castle and realize that he has held one of Matthew's friends, Crystal, hostage. Matthew, Alex, and Leo defeat Negativ, save Crystal, and restore peace to Reku. No Skyward characters appeared during the original CPX because Skyward didn't exist when it started.

Crossover Project X The ShowEdit

Matthew, Alex, Crystal, Lloyd, and Professor Dunce, who was scrapped from the series exept for a few cameos, are set to appear in Crossover Project X the Show. Strangely, Negativ does not appear despite being the main antagonist, and Professor Dunce appears despite being scrapped for the most part.

Tigzon BattleEdit

Matthew might make an appearance in Tigzon Battle along with Petit, Desert Wolf, and Zack to represent other Sploder series.

Skyward ChroniclesEdit

Skyward Chronicles is a new take to the Skyward series. This game is much more plot based, revealing several things, like that Leo (SPOILER ALERT) is actually evil and was created by Negativ to fool Matthew and co. This game also features Lloyd, who had been hinted at since before the original Skyward, but however, he is a villain and he leads an army of masked men who want to summon a sealed beast using the Elemental Crystals.

Unnamed CrossoverEdit

Skyward is going to have a crossover with the Mjd Series. It will be created on a collab account called Goomjd. All that is known is that Matthew and Zack will be the main heroes while Negativ and Professor Dunce.

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